We would like as many players and guides to take part in this feedback survey so we can learn how to best organise and improve the quality of events we stage.

We recently hosted this event at the Macdonald Cardrona Golf & Country Club in the Scottish Borders and we would like to know what the players and guides thought. Simply make a selection against each question and submit your survey at the end. Thank you for taking the time to help us.

NB: We will not publish your name in any reports that follow.

The Macdonald Cardrona Hotel

1: Please assess your hotel bedroom, for general cleanliness, comfort and adequate storage.

2: How did you rate the restaurant and the cooked breakfast?

3: How did you rate the Presentation Dinner?

4: How would you rate the hotel staff in relation to efficiency and friendliness?

The Golf Course

5:Putting the adverse weather conditions aside, how would you rate the quality of the course for a visually impaired golf competition?

6: In general, how did you rate the condition of the course, i.e. greens, tees, bunker sand?

Event organisation

7: How well was your application handled, receipt of payment and general information passed to you?

8: How did you rate the event website, the amount of information and how it was kept updated?

9: How did you rate the organisation of the transport pickups?

10: How did you rate the running of the tournament, i.e. issuing of cards, tee times, buggies, recording of scores, information posted around the hotel.

11: At Hamilton in 2009, we used a budget hotel and buses to the golf bourse and used the club catering facilities. This time it was all on site with quality accommodation. Which setup do you prefer?

11: Taking everything into account, please give your marks out of 20 for the British Blind Open 2012

Please use the box below to give any further comments, good or bad, we want to hear them!


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